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The Best Sushi Ingredients

Sushi may belong to traditional Japan foods, but it has become a huge hit to the taste buds of everybody around the globe, with Japanese restaurants found in almost every corner. With the blended flavors of vinegared rice, raw fish or fresh seafood and other ingredients, the taste has become something that almost everybody craves at one point. And behind the memorable, distinct taste is the best and freshest ingredients that can make a piece of sushi better than anything else you can taste.

What are the best sushi ingredients? A choice of fish can make or break your effort. In making the perfect sushi, you can only trust six different kinds of fish. The Bluefin tuna has a few choice cuts that would work perfectly with it.

The Akami is its red meat, with a texture that is very similar to filet mignon cooked rare. This is usually found near the top or back of the fish. The Chu-toro is the milky pink meat from the belly of the fish, with a very rich taste and a buttery texture. The O-toro is the fattest part of the belly near the head and gives you the feeling of it melting in your tongue.

Another type of fish that can go great is the Big-eye tuna which has a milder taste compared to the Bluefin. It is a chunky fish with large eyes. The Yellowfin tuna on the other hand is a lot smaller, and has a mild flavor and firm texture. The Red snapper is white and has a delicate taste with just enough bite and texture to it. The Japanese yellowtail is young, giving it its bold flavor and tangy finish. Salmon has a rich and flavorful taste with a peachy orange to a deep red flesh.

But having the best kind of fish for your sushi is not enough; you also have to know how to store them and keep them fresh. Once you have your stock of raw fish, make sure you store them in the coldest part of the fridge with nothing stacked on top of it. Make sure the fish is gently handled to prevent any bruising. If you are ready to prepare your sushi, rinse the fish by putting them in a bowl of lightly salted cold water, and then dry it by gently patting it down with paper towels.

With the right choise of fresh fish, you should have no problems making the perfect sushi you can taste.

The Best Sushi Ingredients

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