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Sushi For Beginners

Sushi has gotten a vast following all over the world, with the acquired taste of raw fish, fresh seafood, vinegared rice and vegetables mixed together leaving an intense experience in your palate. Despite its popularity though, a lot of people still haven’t tried it and its different varieties. Some may have reservations about eating something raw, while some may not be too fond of rice or one of the other ingredients. Regardless of the reason, sushi is definitely something that everybody should try at least once in his or her lifetime.

There are many sushi ideas for beginners and if you are thinking twice about eating raw food, try out sushi types that have cooked ingredients in them first. You can try any type of sushi that has eel, because eel is always served cooked. You can also try California rolls that have cooked crab sticks as filling. Other fillings or ingredients that are cooked are squid, octopus, shrimp, and clam, so you can try the varieties of sushi with those fillings first. There are lots of sushi recipes for beginners.

Once you get an overall feel of eating sushi, maybe that would be the time for you to think about trying the types of sushi that have raw ingredients in them. If you are a vegetarian or are partial to seafood, you can also try vegetarian sushi. This is one of the best things about sushi; with the number of types of sushi you can try, there is definitely something for you no matter what your preference is.

To make things easier, start out with types of sushi rolls called Maki first as this would be the most appealing in terms of how the sushi looks, and would also be the least overwhelming as far as the taste is concerned. Also, since the raw fish is wrapped in rice and Nori, it tames the taste of raw fish in case you are not used to its taste just yet.

As far as customs and table manners are concerned, it is always best to let the ‘itamae’ (chef) help you. There are very specific rules in eating this extraordinary food and failing to follow them may offend the chef. Following the correct way of eating sushi will also ensure that you get the perfect blend of flavors. The chef would also be the best person to suggest what you might want to try first.

So if you are up for trying something new and you wonder is sushi for you, remember that it would not be as popular now if it didn’t have anything special. With the right attitude, you can enjoy this unique delicacy and start appreciating the things that put you off in the first place.

Sushi Tips for Beginners

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