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Perfect Sushi Roll Recipe

Sushi rolls are the most common among sushi types, with different variations depending on your taste. The biggest problem about this type rolls however, is not the taste or the preparation. Most of the time, rolling the sushi is where the hard part comes in. Rolls should be made tightly, with the ingredients evenly distributed throughout the roll. Each roll should be kept intact, and should not easily fall apart.

Some people try to improvise and use wax paper or cloth place mats. But to roll a perfect sushi, you would have to invest on the proper equipment as well. Although improvisation is sometimes good, an authentic sushi mat is still the perfect tool to give each roll the precise density and would keep each roll even.

For perfect sushi roll recipe follow this tips.

The rice and its moist consistency is also one of the secrets in making a perfect sushi roll. Since the rice is the most likely to fall apart, it should have the perfect amount of stickiness to keep everything intact. The rice should also be spread out evenly, with a consistent depth from one side of the Nori to the next, except for an inch or two at the top that you would have to leave open. This space will be used to seal the roll

Make sure that each carrot stick, cucumber spear, fish, and other ingredients are cut precisely according to the width of the roll. This way, you can make sure that nothing will be sticking out and would make the rice break. They should also be arranged properly, with each ingredient perfectly and evenly stretched from one side to the other.

The actual rolling should be mastered as well. Start from the bottom of the mat and slowly roll it upward. Once you reach the point where the mat will be rolled into the sushi roll, pull the mat out from under the Nori. Dab water at the appropriate places to make the Nori stick and seal itself together. Be conscious about how tight or how loose you handle the sushi while rolling. Holding it too tightly or too loosely will also ruin the roll.

Use a sharp sushi knife or a santoku knife to cut the roll perfectly. These knives are very sharp, non-stick, and should have airflow system.

Now that you learned how to roll sushi, making this delicacy should be a snap for you.

Perfect Sushi Roll Recipe

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