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Making The Perfect Sushi

Sushi is fun to eat anywhere, but it would be far better experience if you try to make it by yourself. Making sushi is definitely not easy, but with a lot of practice and a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can make the best sushi in the comfort of your own home. When you are going to buy sushi grade fish, make sure you only get quality and fresh one. Remember that since the fish is served raw, there is a big chance of illness, parasites and contamination and buying unsafe fish is definitely not an option you would want to take.

You should also handle the fish carefully, taking care that it does not come into contact with any other frozen food in your fridge as this would make buying sushi grade fish pointless. Other frozen food coming into contact with your fish will contaminate it, so make sure that the only thing the fish comes into contact with is the set of tools and utensils you will be using to prepare and eat the sushi.

When you come to sushi rice recipe, keep your hands moist to prevent the sticky rice from clinging onto your hands too much. Always keep a bowl of water handy to continually moisten your hands. Don’t spread the rice too tight on the Nori in case you are making rolls, and make sure you give the rice some air.

One of the most important secrets that you should learn is keeping your knives sharp. Remember that you are working with raw fish, and it usually crushes easily. Keeping your knives sharp will help you prepare your fish more easily. In case you are making sushi rolls, a sharp knife will also keep your roll from falling apart. Also, keep the blade moist as your work with fish and seafood. This will make it easier to slice through the meat.

In making Maki, avoid overstuffed roll. Although the idea of a really thick roll with all the ingredients you want inside seems appealing, over-stuffing will cause the roll to fall apart. Over-stuffing will also ruin the balance of the tastes, and will take away the authentic taste of real Japanese sushi. Make sure everything is equally laid out, with the just the right amount of everything throughout the roll.

With these tips, you will learn how to make your own sushi and how to experiment with more ingredients at home. It is quite challenging but also quite rewarding if you are willing to keep doing it until you master it.

Making the Perfect Sushi

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