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Is Sushi Healthy

Is sushi healthy? Off course. It is a food that nourishes the body, enriches the brain and is real pleasure for the eye. Did you know that very low incidence of cardiovascular disease among Japanese people is directly linked to a high consumption of fish? Because of the natural content of sushi, it is very healthy and can benefit the body greatly. It is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and very high in protein. But definitely you should be careful when choosing sushi ingredients.

Because of white rice it is also a good source of carbohydrates, but smarter choice would definitely be brown rice for an extra boost of fiber. The white rice can be a problem for those who have diabetes, as it contains a lot of sugar.

The high content of fish oil makes it good for the cardiovascular system. The fish often used to make sushi also contain high amount of EPA and DHA omega 3 fats. These are called hikarimono or shiny fishes, which are mackerel, sardine, Spanish mackerel and pacific saury. Omega 3 fats prevent different typess of mental illnesses that people often develop as they get older. It can also keep your blood sugar level at a healthy range, as long as limited rice is used.

Low-calorie vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, avocado adds heart healthy and balanced monounsaturated fats. Sea vegetables like nori (used in sushi rolls) or wakame (used in miso soup) are great source of minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, manganeseand vitamins like E, A, C and several Vitamins B.

The vinegar used in making sushi is also good for promoting cell metabolism and causes a lower percentage of body fat. This is also why it helps lower your body’s overall cholesterol.

When it comes to soy sauce you should choose low-sodium sauce because regular soy sauce has more than recommended maximum of sodium.

The only thing you would have to be careful of in eating sushi is the way the fish used is cleaned and kept fresh. Since the fish used is usually served raw, there is a big possibility of parasitic infections. This can be avoided however, by keeping the fish frozen overnight before serving.

Sushi is traditionally served in wooden trays or lacquer plates, although the sushi train is also popular among most sushi places. This is where the sushi passes in front of you on a conveyor belt, with customers choosing and taking what they want as it passes.

With the variety of sushi that you can try, it is no wonder that sushi has become one of the most famous delicacies in Japanese cuisine. The perfect mix of the rice and the fresh fish or seafood leaves a taste in your mouth that can keep you craving for more.

Is Sushi Heathy

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