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How To Make Your Own Sushi – Video

You may think sushi is just raw fish, but you’d only be half right. It’s actually the combination of fish and rice — and how it’s combined is an art form in itself.

If you want to learn how to make sushi at home just follow this steps and watch the video.

To make your own sushi you will need:

  • At least a quarter-pound of trimmed, uncooked saltwater fish
  • A sharp knife
  • A cutting board
  • A dollop of prepared wasabi
  • A bowl of water
  • Some ice or a refrigerator (optional)

Step 1: Slice fish

With a very sharp knife, slice the trimmed fish slab into individual portions so each piece is a rectangle approximately 2-inches long and ¼-inch thick.

Tip: To make things easier, cut all your fish at one time, but keep the pieces cold until you use them —put them on a plate and keep it in the refrigerator or on top of some ice.

Step 2: Roll rice into ball

Moisten your hands with water from your bowl, and scoop an ounce of sushi rice—about the amount that will fit into your palm—and roll it into a ball.

Step 3: Shape rice ball

Shape the rice ball into an oblong by squeezing it with firm but gentle pressure.

Tip: Your rice should be about the same size as your cut piece of fish.

Step 4: Dab wasabi on fish

Pick up a piece of sliced fish. While palming the shaped rice, scoop up a tiny amount of wasabi with your index finger and gently dab it onto the middle of the fish.

Step 5: Press rice against fish

Press the shaped rice against the fish and gently but firmly cup the two together until they adhere.

Step 6: Squeeze together

Firmly squeeze the sushi together until the fish and rice become one. Tap with your right index finger as you go to create a uniform shape.

Step 7: Continue process

Place the finished sushi on a serving plate or sushi board, and continue making pieces until all the fish is used.

Step 8: Garnish plate

Garnish the plate with a mound of Japanese pickled ginger and a smaller mound of wasabi. Pour some soy sauce into a small dish and get ready to dunk.

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