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How To Eat Sushi

This extraordinary Japanese dish can be eaten in many different ways, mainly depending on what type of sushi it is. The different methods of eating sushi are basically to make sure that the quality of the sushi is intact, with the sushi tasting exactly the way it should taste. Let’s start with the sushi Nigiri. The Nigiri is a roll or finger of rice topped with fish. Tip it to its side with the fish on one side and the rice on the other.

Dip it in soy sauce by swabbing the fish across, with a corner of the rice touching the sauce. Make sure that it is not fully dipped into the sauce as the rice will act as a sponge and will absorb too much sauce that the sushi will lose its natural flavor. In eating it, make sure the fish is on your tongue first before the rice. This is to carefully blend the flavors in your mouth.

Also, eat the Nigiri in one or two bites, never more than that. There is Wasabi placed at the center of the roll, just between the fish and the rice. Eating it in a bite or two will ensure that the Wasabi will blend in with the flavor of the fish and the rice as well. Make sure you eat the sushi as a whole, as people have been known to take the fish or seafood off the rice and dip it into soy sauce separately. This is considered as impolite, and means that you have no regard for the chef’s art.

Sushi Maki is eaten the same way as the Nigiri. Maki is commonly known as rolled sushi, with vinegared rice and fish or seafood rolled inside Nori, which is dried seaweed. Gunkan like Ikura (Salmon Roe) or Uni (sea urchin) are eaten differently however, because of the material on top that are easy to fall off. Since this is usually served with Gari (sliced vinegared ginger), dip the Gari on the soy sauce and transfer the soy sauce onto the Gunkan. Repeat this as needed. The same method can be used on other kinds of sushi that have toppings that can easily fall off.

With the great care take by every chef to perfect each serving of sushi, make sure you follow the correct method of eating it as well. How to eat sushi is no mystery, however don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure of what to do, as any sushi chef will be more than happy to teach you the art of their trade.

How To Eat Sushi

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