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Different Sushi Types

There are many types of sushi and that is even more appealing to the thought of eating something different with every dish. Different sushi types came from different regions of Japan, with those coming from Osaka and Tokyo being the most popular. Edo-mae Sushi (Edomaezushi) comes from Tokyo, with ‘Edo’ referring to Tokyo Bay. Tokyo Bay is rich in seafood and is located right in front of the city of Tokyo.

The most popular form of Edo-mae Sushi is the Nigiri-Zushi (hand formed sushi), also usually the most expensive. It is a well-formed rice ball or finger of rice topped with raw fish or seafood and glazed with either Wasabi or ginger. Nigiri-Zushi has several types of shapes for the rice balls like kushi-gata, hako-gata, tawara-gata, funa-gata.

Another form is the Maki-Zushi (rolled sushi) as probably the most attractive type of sushi. It is a sheet of nori (edible seaweed species of red alga) rolled together with sushi rice and different type of fillings. Maki-zushi can be made with just about anything you want. You can make them even without fish, just with vegetarian fillings. Among Maki-Zushi there are lots of types like sake-maki, tamago-maki, kappa-maki, shiitake-maki, futomaki, etc.

Gunkan-Maki (battleship sushi) is a really attractive type of sushi made as a little boat of nori around a rice ball and then filled with fish, oysters or caviar. Also known as kakomi-zushi it could be completely rounded but the ‘boat’ is usually a little elongated.

Chirashi-Zushi (scattered sushi) is the easiest and fastest type of sushi and a good starting point for beginners. It consists of  two thirds of rice with one third filling on the top. Chirashi-Zushi is most commonly served in a  flat-bottomed black and red lacquered bowl.

Oshi-Zushi (pressed sushi) is a cooked rice pressed together with fish. Very difficult to make Oshi- Zushi without a good wooden mold, but it is a perfect type of sushi to prepare in advance. Wrapped up and stored in refrigerator it is available for quick serving.  

Temaki-Zushi (hand rolled sushi) is a single leaf of shiso (Asian culinary herb) formed around the  the filling of fish, shellfish, grilled fish skin, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, omelette, green salad leaves, etc.

Temari-Zushi (sushi balls) is a simple type of sushi made by folding and pressing a thin slice of fish, a leaf of shiso or avocado around a ball of sushi rice.

Because of the sushi’s popularity in the United States, American style varieties were also made. The most popular is the California Roll, taken from the concept of the Hosomaki. It is filled with avocado and cooked crab meat. Another variation made to it aside from the content, is the manner in which it is presented. Unlike traditional sushi where the Nori is found outside, authentic California rolls have the Nori hidden inside the roll of rice, although this would also depend on the preference of the one making the sushi roll.

Among “Western” types of sushi the most popular ones are, besides California Roll, Caterpillar Roll, Cone Sushi, Rainbow Roll, Hawaiian Roll, Philadelphia Roll.

With the wide range of sushi types to choose from, eating sushi definitely brings a new experience each and every time. With creativity and taste, you can even try new kinds of sushi depending on how you’d want to enjoy it.

Different Sushi Types

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